Pocket Ball is a casual game where the aim is to put the ball in the pocket with a limited number of shots.  Every round there is another ball, meaning that the game gets harder and harder as the game progresses.  To combat the increased difficulty a range of ‘powerups’ become available throughout the game.

Features of Pocket Ball;
– Extremely simple to mechanic – just swipe one finger and slingshot the ball.
– So simple – play ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.
– A limited number of shots create a challenge out of every level.
– Swipe your finger to slingshot the ball and pocket the ball in a pocket of the same color.
– A range of supercharged power ups from additional shots, to blackholes and lasers.
– Every game is different, no two games the same. Balls and power ups randomly generated each game for a completely different looking pool table each game.
– No need to start from the beginning each time you play, continue your game each time for a more and more supercharged experience.

Main Menu

Level 2

Level 30

Black Hole

Cross Laser

Moving Ball

Laser Bar

Current Powerups