Pocket Ball Beta – Simple Game – Even Simpler Mechanic.

admin/ December 27, 2018/ Basic Blog, Corona

It has been an exceptionally long time since my last post, but life has been busy (I am changing cities, and jobs). I have only really had enough time to do a few minutes of coding each day so I haven’t really had much to report on.

I did have a starting point for a new game. Initially, I wanted to see if it was possible to make a game that included convincing pool balls, and since Corona is a 2D game engine this required a bit of 2.5D trickery. I also wanted to stick with the idea of making a casual game as I thought this would be much faster given my limited time.

After I had figured out the pool ball issue I had to figure out a simple game to go around this mechanic. I didn’t want to make a pool game as this wasn’t casual enough. My first thought was to make a puzzle game where the balls could only be moved either vertically or horizontally and you would have to put the balls in the correct pockets in the correct order.

At first this seemed like a reasonable idea for a game, but after some playing around I realized that it wasn’t going to work if players got to the higher levels.  Balls just kept spawning in the exact same locations, making the game extremely repetitive.

I was going to ditch the idea completely when someone pointed me in the direction of what now is a working beta Pocket Ball (working title).

I moved away from the idea of only being able to flick the ball vertically and horizontally but made it so the pockets were coloured.  Hopefully having the pockets coloured adds in an element of difficulty.  The core mechanic is quite simple, slingshot (Angry Bird style) the ball towards the pocket.  I’ve also added 13 ‘powerups’ that get introduced at different levels that hopefully make the game a tad more interesting.

As I said the game is in Beta.  I am hoping to get some feedback so that I can make the game more balanced and enjoyable.  If you are interested in playing the game, and offering me some feedback then please head over to the signup page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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