Devlog – Truck Trials – 16 July 2018

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Truck Trials

I released Truck Trials on iOS and Android about 1 1/2 years ago.  Since then I have made a couple of other small games but nothing to the level of Truck Trials.  Out of the 2 1/2 games I have released so far I am most proud of this, and I am/was quite disappointed at the extremely limited success of the game.  The game took me about 15 months to complete and at the time of release I was sure it would do well.  The limited success of Truck Trials de-motivated me slightly, so I put the game aside and focused on other projects.

Round 2

I have decided that I will turn my efforts back to Truck Trials, this decision came about as a result of a few factors;

  • I recently updated the app to be GDPR compliant and really enjoyed getting back “under the hood” of the game.
  • Earlier this year I submitted Truck Trials to a local Indie App competition, and although I didn’t get anywhere I received some very constructive criticism.  The judges were quite positive about the game but felt that there were some small areas where I could do a lot better.
  • Two other developers and myself recently formed a small “App Mastermind Group”.  Our discussions about our experiences as app developers so far made me start to rethink some aspects of Truck Trials.  Their feedback has also been quite constructive, with some good ideas coming through. Will is working on 9 letter jumble and Spencer’s website can be found here.

The Plan

  • The judges biggest advice was that the first few levels included far too much text and that players were unlikely to read it, resulting in some players not being sure how to play the game and giving up.  I plan to do away with the text in the first few levels and instead implement some form of tutorial system, I am currently researching what this might look like.
  • I have had a number of people (including students who LOVE to give me advice) point out that the ‘gem system’ seems weak and not much of a focus.  At the moment these can be used for hints to help complete each level, therefore;
    • I want to redo the hint system, make it better somehow.
    • Add other things that gems can be spent on – I am not sure what this might look like and I am not sure if I will focus on aesthetic elements (change car color) or functional elements (speed torque).
  • Redo my App Store Optimization.
  • Listen to feedback – I hope that people will share there ideas with me.  I would love to include more of peoples ideas this time.

Moving forward

I am hoping to release new versions of my app fairly regularly, as I said I want to listen to as much feedback as possible.   Progress will likely be slow, I have a young baby that takes up a lot of my time, but, I hope to properly release Truck Trials 2.0 before the end of the year.

I also plan to make regular blog posts about my progress and how the update is going.

Please Help

I want people to give me feedback and suggestions about how I can make Truck Trials better.   If you are interested then please select one of the options below.  I promise I won’t spam you, I just want to create a real dialogue with people who actually play the game.

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