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Pocket Ball is a casual game where the aim is to put the ball in the pocket with a limited number of shots.  Every round there is another ball, meaning that the game gets harder and harder as the game progresses.  To combat the increased difficulty a range of ‘powerups’ become available throughout the game.

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Any feedback would be appreciated, but in particular, I am after feedback on;

  • Bugs
  • Balance (frequency and introduction of powerups)
  • New powerup ideas
  • Any other improvements
  • Name ideas


Powerup Information

Powerups are chosen in the following way.  Every second iterate through all powerups and;

  1. If the powerup is valid for the current level then generate a random number between 1 and 1000.
  2. If the random number is lower than the odds for that particular powerup choose a random ball.
  3. If that ball is still in play then set the ball as the chosen powerup.  This means that as a level is played the chances of a powerup become smaller and smaller.
NameDescriptionLevel introducedOdds
Plus OneAdd one more shot250 in 1000
Plus FiveAdd five more shots520 in 1000
VibrateVibrate screen when device is shaken750 in 1000
Perfect AimDraws a line where the ball will go1230 in 1000
ExpandExpand the pockets1520 in 1000
ShuffleShuffle ball colours1850 in 1000
All Pockets OKBalls can be sunk in any pocket2015 in 1000
Plus TenAdd ten more shots2510 in 1000
All Ball SameMakes all the balls the same color3010 in 1000
LightningMake 5 balls sinkable in any pocket3520 in 1000
BombBomb that explodes and removes balls4010 in 1000
BlackholeBlackhole sucks in slow moving balls4510 in 1000
Cross laserA random ball shoots a laser vertically and horizontally5510 in 1000
Remove One ColourRemoves all balls the same colour as the pocket the ball was sunk in5510 in 1000
LaserBarA laser works its way up the screen removing all balls1305 in 1000