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Why am I writing a blog?  Who might be interested?

I’m new to this blog thing, I am not really sure what people want to read, or what I want to write. As you know (or not), being an indie developer is a journey, full of highs and lows, so far my journey has mainly been fun, but not profitable which is something I am aiming to work on. So my plans at this stage are for this blog to be a place to keep devlogs, a place to talk about what worked and didn’t, a place where I can write about my visits into the world of marketing (it’s a scary place, but I have hope), basically, a place to talk about my journey going forward.  I hope that someone might find something useful amongst it all.


I am a school teacher from New Zealand, I really like my job as I get to teach what I enjoy – programming. About 6 years ago I asked my students what they wanted to learn, and a majority of them wanted to learn how to make apps, however, they were evenly split between Android and Apple (it’s amazing how passionate they were about this). I did some research and found that Corona SDK best fit our needs at the time, this was the start of my journey.

During that time many students asked me how to write physics-based games, something I had no prior experience with, so about 2 years ago I decided to have a go at writing a simple game so I could better answer their questions.

That simple game took me 15 months to finish and I ended up with my first release “Truck Trials” ( I found something that I really enjoy and discovered that I really enjoyed the development process (i’ll do another post about my experiences of making Truck Trials).


Rice Burger Labs?

My wife and I spend some time looking for an appropriate name to release titles under, eventually (after a lot of different ideas), we came up with the idea “Rice Burger Labs”; Rice from my wife’s culture (China), Burger from my culture (New Zealand) and Labs, a place where things get mixed together.

It is basically supposed to symbolize the meeting of two cultures, and we both thought it rolled off the tongue quite easily.

What’s next?

I am currently trying to get my head around this marketing thing (this will be another blog post in the future).  I’m in the process of upgrading my website and adding to this blog so I can chronical my next journey.

Finally, I have a few ideas of what my next game might be, so connect with me in one of the ways listed below and I will make sure I share a link to any blog post there.

Contact Details

Twitter: (@riceburgerlabs)

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